a fresh obsession…

Why do I feel this way?

I burble and don’t know what to say!images

My mind says no but my heart keeps saying yes

The way you look at me makes me weak

Maybe I’ve fallen in to deep

What if you don’t feel the same way

What if I’m only dreaming about the perfect day

My feelings are very strong and i don’t want them to end

It’s beyond what u can comprehend.

I wish you felt the same way for me.

I liked you when i saw you

But may be it was your soul

An adrenaline rush , having no termination.

For now i know loving you is nothing but a fresh obsession .

6 thoughts on “a fresh obsession…

  1. breaking bad says:

    hey.. i have an alternate ending for this poem.. (u can look in that way too)…

    I wish you felt the same way for me.

    i wish you never look upon me as an entity.

    i never want to play it safe but exemplary.

    My mind is keep saying that heart is a selfish thing.

    but how can i believe, heart has given me superlative wing..

    now i can fly all over the sky,

    the more i’ve fallen into deep,my flight is that much high..

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